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StrayDogIrron, Sep 30, 11 10:34 AM.
We will have no internet for a month... meaning that we won't be able to play or moderate the website. If you all want to live on in Stray Dog, so be it, but we are most likely quitting the game. Good luck to you all, <3 Irronstone


StrayDogIrron, Sep 27, 11 10:26 AM.
Plutonus Downed after weeks of trial, we have it figured out! GO STRAY DOGS!

Server Transfer

StrayDogIrron, Sep 22, 11 10:03 AM.


StrayDogIrron, Sep 21, 11 12:45 PM.
I'm going to start recording my own videos and posting links to them. That way we don't have to worry about people going to third party websites, they can just look at our guild site.


StrayDogIrron, Sep 15, 11 11:05 AM.
Had some issues with internet... got it fully resolved so i can continue raiding tonight :P Hopefully we'll get some progression tonight in RoS! Make sure you keep signing up!
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This is the official webpage for Stray Dog Yakuza! We're a raiding guild working towards progressing two merged guilds in Greenscale Blight, River of Souls, and Gilded Prophecy!

We are currently...
-4/4 GP
-5/5 GSB
-3/5 ROS
-4/4 DH

The two merged guilds consist of Sanctuary and Pandora, although there are a few here that joined up when we started the guild on 7/24/11. With the combined help of both guilds, we are progressing quickly with added bank vaults and items, and guild levels. We are just starting up still, but the members we possess give us infinite opportunities to get this guild on the fast track success!

First, a little intro about our Leaders and Officers running this fine new guild:

Guild Leader/Site Director:                 Irronstone (Warrior) (Currently Class Leader)
Irron's Bio: I currently live in Oregon most of the year. I do travel for a living so there are some days I'm out for a few days at a time, but its rare. I like the fine art of trolling and will continue to play with your mind from time to time... Also, Lulzorz is better than Hellrider.

Guild Sub-Leader/Site Director:          Lulzorz (Mage)
Lulz's Bio: I am a BAMF and troll. That is all. Also, I'm better than Hellrider.

Guild Sub-Leader/Site Director:          Hellrider (Mage)
Hell's Bio: PENDING.

Rogue Class Leader/Officer:               Islair
Islair's Bio: PENDING.

Mage Class Leader/Officer:                 Citron
Citron's Bio: PENDING

Other Class Leader/Officer:                Elvin
Elvin's Bio: PENDING

The above 6 people are ultimate leaders of the guild and after a lengthy discussion pre-merger, we have come up with a set of rules and regulations to run the guild at top efficiently!

Keep in mind that these rules are subject to change, we are a new guild and so things have to be ironed out!

1. All members have say. Please don't be afraid to speak up with new suggestions!
2. Have fun! We wont discourage horse play in guild chat. Whilst in the general room of vent, feel free to have some fun.
3. If you are in a raid, chatter is fine during trash pulls. While we are doing boss fights, only the approved speakers should be talking, to avoid confusion and unnecessary wipes.
4. If you want to raid, you must sign up on the website, no ifs/ands/buts. If you don't sign up, you will not go to any raid.
5. Raid members will be determined before raid time. We will go off of best raiders. In the case that best raiders cannot be determined, its first come, first serve.
6. If you wish to raid, you must have spoken with your appropriate class lead! We need to make sure everyone has the gear to go. If you dont have the gear, speak up so we can run some T2s.
7. Raid days are as follows: Wed/Thur for main raids (GSB/RoS) and Sunday for GP runs.
8. GSB/RoS will be on a DKP system. GP will be on a loot council system. Check the forums under general discussion for DKP rules for SDY.
9. If you want to post dps meters, don't spam guild chat or raid chat! Use the channel "Yakuzadeathpoll". Just type /join Yakuzadeathpoll and you will be put into that room.
10. Future rules may be posted as i probably forgot some :) Keep checking the website for updates! GO STRAY DOGS!
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